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Ssense introduces cutting-edge generative AI chatbot enhancing shopper experience

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Ssense Chatbot AI Credits: Ssense LinkedIn

Canadian fashion e-tailer Ssense has unveiled an advanced generative AI chatbot tailored to address the specific styling and shopping needs of its clientele.

Ssense said its newly OpenAI plug-in revolutionises the realm of fashion and design recommendations, offering an interactive and conversational experience to users seeking personalised guidance.

Currently accessible to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, the chatbot represents a fusion of OpenAI's groundbreaking technology and Ssense's proprietary AI models. With new integration capabilities the chatbot allows shoppers to seek information on particular products and receive comprehensive, contextually relevant responses, complete with direct links to items from Ssense's vast catalog.

The key to this innovation lies in the utilisation of a proprietary blend of five distinct AI models, calibrated to deliver responses with unparalleled accuracy and sophistication. With a dedicated focus on text-generating chatbots, this plug-in sources its fashion advice and trend analysis from the Montreal-based company's comprehensive catalog of products, spanning across ready-to-wear and a myriad of other categories.

A recent demonstration highlighted the chatbot's capabilities. When presented with a shopper's request for guidance in curating "cool, luxury streetwear-inspired outfits" in neutral tones, the chatbot rapidly produced a diverse array of recommendations. From a beige long-sleeve T-shirt by Acne to Coperni's beige wide-leg cargo pants, along with other versatile options for mix-and-match styling, the chatbot catered to the shopper's preferences with remarkable finesse, according to Retail Bum.

Notably, this announcement comes on the heels of Ssense's earlier initiative, which involved deploying ChatGPT as a stylist on the company's Instagram account. This strategic move followed similar successful endeavors by prominent industry players, including Shopify, Mercari, Zalando, and KXNT—an online shop operated by Kering. Retail Bum noted various market leaders are actively exploring the immense potential of generative AI chatbots to elevate the online shopping experience.

Leveraging chatbot AI and technology

Fashion companies can leverage chatbots' language capabilities in various ways to enhance their customer service, improve shopping experiences, and drive business growth. Other than personal styling recommendations, fashion chatbots can act as virtual shopping assistants, guiding customers through their online shopping journey. They can help users find specific products, answer queries about product availability, provide information about sizing and fit, and assist in completing purchases.

Furthermore, chatbots equipped with AI can analyse vast amounts of fashion data, including social media trends, runway shows, and customer preferences. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, these chatbots can generate trend reports and fashion insights, helping companies stay ahead of the latest trends and make informed business decisions.