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Polimoda event explores relationship between fashion and the human body

By Isabella Naef


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An/Archive event one Credits: Courtesy of Polimoda

Italian fashion institute Polimoda is currently presenting An/Archive event one, a preview of the future research centre dedicated to fashion studies. From January 9 to 21 at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, Event one is developing as a multidisciplinary experience centred on the main theme, the body, offering an exploration of the relationship between fashion and the human body.

The event, which kicked off on Tuesday, January 9 to coincide with the opening of Pitti Uomo, Florence's menswear fair, displays works by designers, artists and researchers from various disciplines, from olfactory art to choreography, in dialogue with an exhibition of iconic pieces by contemporary designers in collaboration with the Angelo Vintage archive.

A contemplative exploration of the body as an expression in fashion

The exhibition features a selection curated by Massimiliano Giornetti, director of Polimoda, and Linda Loppa, the school's strategy and vision advisor, that transcends the traditional boundaries of a fashion exhibition.

In it, visitors encounter a fusion of artistic disciplines, where fashion intersects with art, technology and culture. Each piece on display tells a unique story, reflecting the different perspectives and innovative approaches of contemporary designers. From avant-garde installations to fashion design creations, the exhibition aims to show how fashion is constantly evolving and has an impact on social trends and personal expression.

The human body is central to fashion and the research centre wants to delve into this intrinsic relationship, exploring how fashion shapes and is in turn shaped by our physical form.

"The exhibition is an invitation into a contemplative journey through different interpretations of the body in fashion, from the way garments fall and move on the body, to the social and cultural meanings inherent in fashion itself," Polimoda's management said in a statement.

An/Archive event one is a celebration and reflection on the body through the lens of style, identity and artistic expression involving garments from the Angelo Vintage archive and works by William Forsythe, Minna Palmqvist and Sissel Tolaas.

An/Archive event one Credits: Courtesy of Polimoda

An/Archive is the new creative hub for fashion research presented by Polimoda. It is a space open to the city, designed to welcome researchers, curators, archivists, students, designers and companies interested in the study of fashion. Not a museum, but a living, dynamic and accessible place, a place for research but also a venue for meetings and appointments.

A constantly evolving laboratory that starts from the curation of the iconic garments of the major designers, to bring together the different creative realities of the fashion system, using a universal lexicon and an analytical approach to the fashion system.

The space will host exhibitions, workshops, conferences and debates on some of the most contemporary topics in the fashion industry, to reflect on the future of the sector and encourage the emergence of a new generation of researchers.

The project will be curated by Polimoda and supported by school resources, European funding, scholarships, sponsors and public and private partnerships interested in training and research.

Event one, Palmqvist installation Credits: Courtesy of Polimoda, ph Petter Cohen

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.IT. Translation and edit from Italian into English: Veerle Versteeg.

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