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Pantone reveals “functional and adaptable” AW24 colour palette for NYFW

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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NYFW AW24 Colours - Pantone trend report Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Pantone, the global authority on colour, has revealed that the autumn/winter 2024 edition of New York Fashion Week embraces consumer habits linked to conscious consumption and slowing trend cycles with a colour palette offering a “lively mix” of functional and adaptable colours.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a statement: “Colours for NYFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 strive for balance between the more familiar and the new and exciting, embracing longevity and seasonless style.

“Functional and adaptable, they are reliable and robust, servicing our increasingly hybridised style of living, providing a strong chromatic foundation and at the same time delivering playful and energetic accents for moments of magic.”

NYFW designers will be utilising colours infused with “an inherent richness and earthiness that highlights our deeper connection to nature” with a collection of warm tones derived from natural pigments, opulent mid-tones, accessible neutrals, and universal greens.

“Fun, but also functional, essential but not un-exciting,” explained Pantone. “Colours for AW24, are straightforward, exuding a self-assured, no muss, no fuss demeanour.”

Pantone NYFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 colour palette Credits: Pantone

Pantone NYFW AW24 colour palette

For AW24, Pantone has selected 10 “environmentally inspired” colours stemming from consumers' desire for “more organic hues,” including a decadent red, a mineral-based teal, a cooling blue, a deep dark purple, and a leafy green.

PANTONE 16-1348 ‘Tomato Cream’ is a nourishing toasty hue “that warms the soul”.

PANTONE 19-1558 ‘Scarlet Smile’ is a glamorous and decadent red that captures our desire.

PANTONE 17-0839 ‘Golden Palm’ is a warm and earthy green hue that is described by Pantone as a “new expression of eco colour”.

PANTONE 19-5421 ‘Aventurine’ is a mineral-based teal tone that delivers richness.

PANTONE 17-1464 ‘Red Orange’ is a vibrant mix of red and orange tones that offers “energy and empowerment”.

Pantone NYFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 colour palette Credits: Pantone

PANTONE 16-0430 ‘Fern’ is a leafy green rooted in the natural world.

PANTONE 19-2514 ‘Italian Plum’ is a deep dark purple.

PANTONE 14-4500 ‘Moonstruck’ is a shadowy grey hue “that lives behind the clouds”.

PANTONE 14-4307 ‘Winter Sky’ is a cooling blue hue that has a calming effect.

PANTONE 11-0700 ‘Lucent White’ is an “optically brightened white conveying effective simplicity”.

Pantone autumn/winter 2024 core classic colours for NYFW

The 10 standout colours for NYFW sit alongside five new classic hues, which offer “honest core tones to establish new pillars,” adds Pantone.

Pantone NYFW autumn/winter 2024/2025 - classic colours Credits: Pantone

PANTONE 12-000 ‘White Swan,’ a soft and downy white “full of grace”.

PANTONE 17-1422 ‘Raw Umber’ is a grounded brown “emotionally connected” to the earth.

PANTONE 18-0403 ‘Dark Gull Gray’ is a solid and dense cooling shade of grey.

PANTONE 19-3812 ‘Baritone Blue’ is a deep elegant blue hue.

PANTONE 18-0935 ‘Buckhorn Brown’ is a sturdy golden brown “that forms an unwavering foundation”.