New SoCal-inspired collection by Ugg Australia

Christopher Raeburn and Ugg Australia have combined forces in order to create the New Classic Collection So Cal.

After inspiration drawing from the beachy coast of Los Angeles, Ugg Australia, a luxury footwear brand Ugg of the Deckers Outdoor Corporation, teamed up with British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn as a partner to design the new footwear of Southern California. Showcased at London Fashion Week 2015, the innovative designer and fashion-staple brand paired together to bring comfortable, edgy shoes to the catwalk.

New SoCal-inspired collection by Ugg Australia

Motivated by the lax lifestyle of Southern California, the new collection was modeled after the need for elegant, yet casual footwear. As Ugg’s have paved their way making those premium wool boots an innate key to Cali style, the new take has incorporated the high-class feel of the footwear with a wearable, innovative approach.

Known for his couture womenswear and menswear designs, Raeburn had to think outside of the box to bring his shoeline idea to life. With Raeburn’s use of intricate reusable materials, he showcased a contemporary perspective to fit the SoCal vibe. Its modern-feel and vintage mix of material gives the footwear femininity and accessibility that is completely unique. In order to keep the lavish vibe alive, he added trendy mixes to the line. In London Fashion Week 2015, Ugg displayed slight wedge heels as well as coordinating coziness and style together in one.

"With the introduction of the summer collection 2015, we show further that Ugg can be worn in any fashion and throughout the year,” says Connie Rishwain, President of Ugg.

Overall sales down in Ugg’s classic collection

Although the brand is highly popular in Los Angeles, not all of the classic styles are selling at their normal rates. "Full price selling of casual boots, weather boots, and specialty classics exceeded expectations and in some cases outpaced our inventory investments,” commented Angel Martinez, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Directors of Deckers Brands. “At the same time, demand for core classic collection accelerated as the quarter progressed but overall sales were down due in part to a slow October and November selling period and tough year-over-year comparisons,” stated Martinez.

Due to the decrease in classic collection sales, it is perceivable that Ugg teaming up with avant-garde designer Raeburn revamped their classic collection, foreseeably increasing sales and revenue.


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