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MCM unveils virtual store on the Caliverse

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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MCM virtual store on Caliverse Credits: MCM

German luxury fashion brand MCM is stepping into the metaverse in partnership with Caliverse, the next-generation metaverse platform set to launch during the first half of 2024.

MCM teased its new virtual shop set to launch on Caliverse during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, which it states will "break down boundaries" and allow users to seamlessly experience the brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection across desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, 3D TVs and interactive headsets.

Utilising real-time rendering graphics, 3D live synthesis, and AI technology, MCM will introduce a dynamic metaverse encounter for consumers to explore, engage and purchase products within a virtual setting, which fuses both physical and virtual interactions.

MCM virtual store on Caliverse Credits: MCM

In a statement, MCM added that it hopes the unique and immersive shopping experience will help transform “the essence of luxury retail in the digital age”.

Sabine Brunner, president and brand and commercial officer of MCM, said: "We are excited to blend in MCM's iconic designs with Caliverse's hyper-realistic visualisations, unlocking innovative ways for consumers to experience and interact with the brand.

“The soon-to-launch of the virtual store heralds a pivotal milestone in MCM's strategic progression in being a smart luxury brand, where 'M' signifies Metaverse. This disruptive partnership reinforces MCM's DNA as a leader in luxury fashion, enhancing the consumer experience and setting a new standard for the industry."

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