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Malone Souliers to collaborate with stylist Jason Bolden

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

30 May 2022


Image: Malone Souliers; Mary Alice Malone Jason Bolden

Luxury British footwear brand Malone Souliers is teaming up with celebrity stylist Jason Bolden on a capsule collection inspired by the “effortless flair of contemporary Hollywood”.

The Malone Souliers x Jason Bolden capsule collection will launch in November with a range of women’s and men’s shoes inspired by Bolden’s roster of clients, which includes Angelina Jolie, Michael B. Jordan, Alicia Keys, Cynthia Erivo, and Trevor Noah.

The partnership has been developed on a shared appreciation of “understanded glamour and lovingly crafted products," added Malone Souliers in a statement, and consumers can expect “eye-catching glitz, red carpet-worthy silhouettes, and a dramatic flair that could only be a nod to Hollywood”.

Celebrity stylist Jason Bolden to launch footwear capsule collection with Malone Souliers

Commenting on collaborating with Malone Souliers, Bolden said: “I love that fashion has been at the forefront of championing fresh perspectives. I’ve had the honour of working with the likes of Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi, and Amanda Gorman who have not only created iconic moments on the red-carpet and global stages but have opened doors for others to walk through.

“This collection is inspired by my love for classic New York and Los Angeles style, ‘90s Hollywood glamour, and the incredible artists and thought leaders I have the pleasure of breaking barriers alongside.”

Malone Souliers founder and creative director, Mary Alice Malone, added: “It could be Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty in the late ‘70s, or Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere in the early ‘90s: it’s hard not to be inspired by the semi-mythical glamour that seems to envelop Hollywood.

“When you work in luxury fashion, the influence of Hollywood is always close by. In fact, we name every Malone Souliers style after an old Hollywood icon: the Maureen, for example, is named for the 1940s actress Maureen O’Hara. If you choose to really dig into it, it’s an endlessly deep subject. There are so many facets and eras of Hollywood glamour, but each with this indefinable sense of timeless cool.”

The capsule collection will launch in November 2022 via MaloneSouliers.com and Malone Souliers’ boutique at 19 Mount Street.

Jason Bolden
Malone Souliers