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EcofashionCorp launches blockchain powered platform to provide transparency

By Rosalie Wessel

19 Nov 2021


Image: EcofashionCorp

Social purpose corporation EcofashionCorp has launched a blockchain powered platform in order to provide transparency about its products life cycles.

The company will facilitate, digitize and share value chain steps. The information will be accessible through a blockchain and AI-based traceability platform, allowing customers full product transparency.

Through this platform, EcofashionCorp aims to give customers the chance to validate that environmental and social compliances are being met, with the platform providing secure, fully traceable batch-level data.

EcofashionCorp has also announced that in its next stage it will expand into its India-based platform in order to include textile categories. Phase two will focus on capturing ESG metrics, and following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The platform will also allow externalized data to be shared with key stakeholders.

EcofashionCorp has also placed QR codes on its Seed to Style and Yes And holiday knit collections, which lead to a farm to table movement platform. The company has also co-created with the Producers Market and its StoryBird e-commerce platform.