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Chiara Boni reaches the jetsetting customer

By Kristopher Fraser

9 Feb 2019

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe is known for their signature cocktail dresses that are suitable for the elegant Italian woman and young socialites the world over. What’s been missing from the fashion industry, however, is a uniform for the jet-setting socialites of today. This fall/winter 2019 season at New York Fashion Week, Boni updated her signature modern, dynamic style with a new hyper chic, regal attitude.

While her use of color was more muted including black, dark green, and dark gold, the brand also introduced more luxurious textiles such as velvet and taffeta. She didn’t forget her signature jersey fabric, which is perfect for the traveling girl who wants comfort. While the jet-setting socialite look of the eighties with the white shoulder pads and form fitting corsets is thought to be long gone, Boni managed to update it for a contemporary woman of today.

The concept behind this collection was a European grand tour, where Boni reinterpreted the refined aesthetic of the country. Her homage to European tailoring included classic suiting patterns, such as herringbone and plaid. Other details included jumpsuits with applied pockets, dressed with flocked Australian knots, and golden brocades with a 3D effect.

Skirts were done in a sculptural affected created through the use of new peplum designs. More free flowing silhouettes were done this season to contrast against the form-fitting corset styles for patterned coats.

Knits are new for the brand this season, including crewnecks done it the brand’s signature jersey fabric. The traveling woman has found her new uniform with this brand. With millennial consumers like to spend an average of 4,549 dollars on vacation according to Forbes, they also need something to wear. More affluent consumers are traveling expecting to present themselves a certain way, and with her comfortable jersey fabrics and elegant style, Boni is sure to become a go-to.

photos: courtesy of A. Cicognani