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Pickle opens peer-to-peer rental store in NYC

By Rachel Douglass


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Pickle storefront in New York's West Village. Credits: Pickle.

Rental marketplace Pickle is preparing to unveil its first physical store, bringing its peer-to-peer concept into an in-person format based in Manhattan’s West Village in New York City.

The location, which is set to open its doors December 9, will house a “wider curation” of apparel and accessories available for customers to rent, while owners will gain a physical storefront that aims to provide more visibility for their pieces and an “increased earning potential”.

Within the space, in-store expert stylists will be on-hand to help in selecting rental options, and will provide a service that enables items not available in the store to be shipped directly to the customer.

In addition to this, the location will soon also double up as a hub for content creation, where renters can get stylised photos of the pieces being listed and customers can be snapped in items from the in-store collection.

Pickle was initially founded back in 2021 by CEO Brian McMahon and COO Julia O’Mara, who first launched the platform as a social polling site that allowed users to vote on others’ purchasing decisions.

The concept naturally progressed into a peer-to-peer rental platform, and has since garnered the company a substantial following on social media and grown its offering to over 50,000 listings.

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