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Glossier opens London pop-up dedicated to its fragrance

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Glossier ‘Realms of You’ pop up on Regent Street, London Credits: Glossier

Beauty brand Glossier has opened a new two-month-long pop-up on London’s Regent Street dedicated to its fragrance ‘Glossier You’.

The immersive experience, entitled ‘Realms of You’ invites visitors into a “deconstructed world” for its signature fragrance “through the conceptual lens of the five senses”.

Located at 173 Regent Street, the pop-up will run until January 14 and has been designed by Glossier’s in-house creative team and takes inspiration from autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos, which explore how sounds and visuals affect the body by offering each visitor a “unique and bespoke journey” through the fragrance.

The concept is inspired by the fact that ‘Glossier You’ smells different on everyone and aims to offer a sensory experience where only six people are allowed to move through the space at any one time to ensure full sensory benefits for each person.

The first room is dedicated to beauty ASMR, while the next offers a stark contrast saturated in red, with moody lighting and individual booths where guests “choose their own adventure”.

Inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland and David Lynch, the booths host six different personalities, which the brand said are portrayed through real-life gloved red hands. Shake the hand and the experience continues “from playful to romantic, each guest meets a unique persona of you,” explains the brand in the press release.

Glossier ‘Realms of You’ pop up on Regent Street, London Credits: Glossier

Once the performance has ended, guests are then able to purchase any products in Glossier’s fragrance family and two pieces of merchandise exclusive to the pop-up, including a red-lacquered pepper grinder, a miniature Glossier microphone and a limited-edition beauty bag.

Other products in the ‘Ultimate Sensory’ collection include the ‘Glossier You’ eau de parfum, solid fragrance, rollerball and candle.

The pop-up experience ends with visitors walking down a “distorted, red hallway” that is “crooked and disorientating” before entering a final space where their orders are delivered.