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Accessories Council launches NFT fundraiser with MPTF

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Accessories Council x MPTF

The Accessories Council, a New York non-profit, is set to launch a new fundraising initiative in partnership with the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) that will see it release a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The digital artwork features images of MPTF Country Home residents, who are all over 80-years-old and come from California’s entertainment industry, each modelling products from accessories brands.

Shot by photographer Fred Siegel, the series aimed to capture the vibrancy of the MPTF residents, with images consisting of the likes of actresses Maggie Abbot and Corrine Conley, journalist Alan Sloan and screenwriter Anthony Lawrence.

Pieces involved in the shoot, which was sponsored by Kurt Geiger, were provided by Esquire, Ted Baker and Altair Eyewear, among others.

Coming in time to celebrate MPTF’s 100th anniversary, the collection will become available to the public from April 4 via Black Snow, the NFT marketplace.

Funds raised from the sale will go towards keeping the campus residents safe and to allow for more space for additional retirees.

“We embraced the shoot idea when we discovered that MPTF was celebrating its 100th anniversary, and this was a perfect time to celebrate non-traditional models,” said Accessories Council president, Karen Giberson, in a release.

Giberson continued: “At the same time, we were watching the NFT market evolve and thought there could be an innovative way for us to use the Ac Magazine images to raise money to support the 100th anniversary of MPTF, bringing the NFT collection project to life.”

Accessories Council