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Vagabond Shoemakers introduces sustainability manifesto to highlight efforts

By Rachel Douglass

21 Nov 2022


'Make every step count' Sustainability Manifesto. Image: Vagabond Shoemakers

Vagabond Shoemakers has debuted a new sustainability manifesto in a bid to raise awareness for the brand’s efforts and encourage shoppers’ participation.

Set to go live on November 25, ‘Make every step count’ was developed by the brand to encompass its “four C’s” – the craft, the choice, the care and the change.

These elements refer to everything from the drawing table of the brand’s design studio to the reuse of its shoes, the company said in a press release.

Its new sustainability concept builds on Vagabond’s design philosophy and heritage, it added, as it looks towards a closed-loop system that passes unwanted shoes forward to either be reused or recycled.

Speaking on the new manifesto, Anna Fahle Björcke, the company’s sustainability manager, said: “We are dedicated to designing shoes and accessories that are made to be loved. Items should be treasured, used, and reused. Grow older, just like we do.

“Making our products lovable and durable means they will be worn for longer. And the more steps they carry you, the closer we get to our joint mission, turning fashion from fast to slow.

“Therefore, every step is important. From the leather we choose to the shoes you use. Together, we make every step count.”

Björcke added that making shoes with the least amount of negative impact is a step-by-step journey, which holds just as much importance as the purchasing decisions and intended use.

She noted that the brand’s new manifesto will aim to illustrate how these elements link together.

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