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THG Ingenuity strengthens Australian market presence

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Ingenuity, the complete commerce division of THG plc, has announced key partnerships with Australian beauty brands, including Haircarebear and Celebrity Slim, part of Australian Health Vitality, and Skin Virtue, as it looks to strengthen its market presence in the region.

The partnerships will enable Ingenuity to facilitate “seamless expansion into new markets,” explained the company in the press release, while also allowing the Australian beauty brands to leverage Ingenuity’s cross-market capabilities for accelerated global growth.

Vivek Ganotra, chief executive of Ingenuity, said in a statement: "The formation of these new partnerships highlights the broad-reaching capabilities of Ingenuity's complete commerce solution, making internationalisation a tangible reality for ambitious Australian brands.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to simplifying cross-border commerce for our Australian partners and other international customers, driving forward their global growth."

Ingenuity partners with Australian Health Vitality and Skin Virtue

Ingenuity will manage the UK operations of Australian Health Vitality’s Celebrity Slim brand, offering comprehensive support across all aspects of the go-to-market strategy, from technology implementation to order fulfilment. The partnership also leverages Ingenuity’s consumer expertise within the UK market to drive new customer acquisition through marketing capabilities, including CRM and email strategies to boost brand awareness for Celebrity Slim.

Simon Stewart, managing director of Australian Health Vitality, added: “A partnership with Ingenuity allows Australian businesses to scale more quickly using tried and tested strategies in the e-commerce channel across markets that barriers to entry can be high for the average business in Australia.

“We’re confident Ingenuity’s personalised approach to consumers and localised focus on regional markets will support us as we move to a more globalised customer offering.”

This follows Ingenuity's successful partnership with Haircarebear for the launch of its UK site in July, which marked the brand’s first online presence in the UK. Through Ingenuity, Haircarebear can access all elements of the complete commerce solution across the e-commerce technology stack, fulfilment and targeted marketing strategies.

In addition, Skin Virtue, a prominent cleanical skincare brand with a network of 100 salons in Australia, is working in collaboration with Ingenuity to launch its first direct-to-consumer and B2B sites in the UK. The partnership will allow Skin Virtue to utilise Ingenuity’s complete commerce solution across technology, operational solutions and marketing to enable the brand's expansion into Australian, European and US markets.

Gary Williams, co-founder of Skin Virtue, added: “From their complete commerce offering, to their decades of experience and history in the beauty industry, we’ve seen Ingenuity’s work elevate brands to new heights and take them from national favourites to international treasures. We’re incredibly proud to be joining them and look forward to seeing where the partnership will take us.”

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