Luxury consignment company The RealReal has announced it has established National Consignment Day as an official holiday, henceforth taking place annually the first Monday of every October. This new official holiday solidifies The RealReal's consignment model as a key stimulator of the circular economy. In celebration of the new holiday, the company has announced a strategic relationship with Stella McCartney. This year, National Consignment Day will take place on Monday, October 2, the same day as the Stella McCartney's spring/summer 2018 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

The purpose of National Consignment day is to address issues of sustainability in fashion. More than 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide each year. Of these pieces, 75 percent will end up in landfills. In the long-term, this is unsustainable and bad for the environment.

"Sustainability has been in The RealReal's and Stella McCartney's core since day one," said The RealReal CEO and founder Julie Wainwright. "The RealReal was founded to extend the lifecycle of luxury products in a trusted, dynamic marketplace. I am thrilled that we will be working with Stella McCartney to further both of our missions of extending the lifecycle of luxury goods and creating a greener planet. National Consignment Day allows us to raise awareness about the circular economy, especially as it applies to the luxury market."

Stella McCartney has made a firm commitment to being a responsible and modern company taking responsibility for the resources it uses and the impact it has on the environment. This partnership with The RealReal is intended to promote the extended lifecycle of luxury products and is yet another chapter in Stella McCartney's relentless sustainability efforts. The exclusive partnership program will launch in 2018 with a full scale national initiative.

"Sustainability is important to us and I'm excited to be partnering with The RealReal on this new sustainable program," said McCartney. "We believe that consignment and recommerce can play a significant part in reducing the amount of raw materials that are required each year from our planet. This is key in our commitment to becoming part of a more circular economy. By ensuring that our products are used for the entirety of their lifecycle it is possible to begin to slow down the amount of natural resources currently being cultivated and extracted from the planet for the sake of fashion."

The RealReal is also introducing the #NeverThrowAway movement urging consumers to either consign or donate items they no longer want.