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Sustainable fibre manufacturer Werewool secures 3.7 million dollar seed funding

By Rachel Douglass


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Werewool team. Image: Werewool

Werewool, a manufacturer of protein-based textile fibres, has announced the closing of a 3.7 million dollar seed funding, which it said would accelerate the company’s mission of producing the material.

Led by Material Impact and Sofinnova Partners, the funds from the round will be used to develop Werewool’s first product – protein fibres that can be spun into yarns – while also expanding its manufacturing capabilities and growing the team.

Through its technology, which is co-patented between the Fashion Institute of Technology and Columbia University, Werewool said that its fibres “have the potential to eliminate the need for petroleum-based raw materials, synthetic dyes and toxic finishing processes”.

Its solution uses a protein structure to create these qualities, offering an alternative to conventional synthetic fibres, while also offering performance qualities, such as colour, stretch and moisture management.

Since its founding, the company has already attracted attention from the fashion industry, having previously won several awards including the H&M Foundation Global Change Award and the Elle & Polestar Design Toward Zero Award.

Speaking in a release, Chui-Lian Lee, co-founder and CEO of Werewool, said: “Our mission as a company is to make the fashion industry compatible with nature.

“Our team looks at the textile industry holistically considering the end of life at the beginning of life – our goal is for our fibres to decompose into nutrients for a healthier ecosystem.

“We are excited to be growing and are looking to fill key leadership roles in the company with people who can contribute to our team’s vision for a truly circular textile economy.”

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