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Sustainable beauty brand Haeckels is relaunching

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Haeckels

Margate-based natural beauty brand Haeckels is undergoing a revamp to showcase its “most progressive leap yet” following investment from Estée Lauder Companies earlier in the year.

Haeckels will reimagine the brand across four pillars – skin and home, as well as fragrance and lab, with the latter launching in September and October, respectively. To celebrate its new look, Haeckels is focusing for the moment on its new iterations of Haeckels Skin and Haeckels Home, which put design, innovation and a clear aesthetic at the core.

Image: Haeckels

For Haeckels Skin, the British brand is introducing home compostable Vivomer to the post-plastic beauty world. The pioneering innovative material has the appearance of plastic but is a completely vegan and home compostable material made with a little help from friendly microbes. As the material is 100 percent compostable, no matter where the material ends up, it will contribute to the biosphere in as little as 48 weeks, explains Haeckels.

As well as being more visually appealing, the packaging is capable of holding solids and liquids alike, and Haeckels believe it represents the future of sustainable skincare packaging, where you don’t have to compromise on substance and style to be more environmentally friendly.

Image: Haeckels

Haeckels relaunches and introduces new sustainable and compostable packaging

The relaunch will also showcase two brand new offerings from Haeckels, a Prebiotic Cleansing Balm and Eco Marine Cream. The gentle, microbiome-friendly facial cleansing balm is rich in sterols, ceramides and adaptive prebiotics for a hydrating cleanser to complement your own unique skin microbiota.

Image: Haeckels

While the bestselling Eco Marine Cream arrives back on the market with a lighter formula perfect for summer, alongside the Eco Marine Night Cream that offers a richer moisturiser for intense hydration. Both are packed with the brand’s signature antioxidant seaweed extracts for nourishing everyday use.

Image: Haeckels

For Haeckels Home, the brand added it will create localised seasonal and timeless offerings with an up-to-date visual on body, candles and perfume. The candles will also highlight Haeckels sleekier aesthetic with a new sandblasted glass and refill model, rather than the apothecary style amber glass, which will be more in line with “an investment in product you want to keep and reuse," added Haeckels.

Haeckels refurbishes Haeckels House Hackney

Image: Haeckels

The product and packaging relaunch will also be complemented by an entirely new retail experience at Haeckels House Hackney opening today, July 22. The store has been completely refurbished into a new experiential retail concept aimed at offering its customers “a brand new way to shop,” as well as an immersive fragrance area downstairs.

Charlie Vickery, managing director at Haeckels, said in a statement: “Ten years ago when we first launched, we pioneered what use of glass in the cosmetic and beauty industries. It isn't in our DNA to stand still.

“With the new Haeckels, we again rip up the rulebook to present the new natural. Created by a local team of designers, scientists, creatives and industry outsiders, this new Haeckels brings pioneering science-backed technology and materials to a newly awakened consumer without sacrificing aesthetics. We could not be more thrilled.”

Image: Haeckels
Image: Haeckels
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