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Solvay and Lenzing team up to develop new sustainable fabric

By Marjorie van Elven


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Austrian fiber firm Lenzing and Belgian chemical group Solvay have partnered up to launch a new sustainable fabric combining Tencel’s lyocell fibers and Amni Soul Eco, a biodegradable polyamide.

The two companies said in a joint statement that the new fabric is designed to “further optimize the benefits the two fibers contribute”, such as breathability, thermal regulation, resistance and anti-bactericidal properties.

“The combination of Tencel Active fibers, which is derived from renewable wood sources using sustainable production processes, and Solvay’s Amni Soul Eco polyamide fibers enhances biodegradability results in to a more sustainable, comfort, easy care fabric that advances the concept of circular economy”, stated Andreas Guerler, Head of Global Business Management Activewear at Lenzing.

“Future collaborations with Solvay will focus on Tencel Lyocell with Refibra technology, our newest fiber innovation made from upcycled cotton straps and wood pulp, and Amni Soul Eco polyamide”, added Gueler.

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