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Säntis Textiles partners with Ciel to expand recycled cotton yarn

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Global sustainable fabric and technology specialists Säntis Textiles is partnering with Ciel Textile to bring 100 percent recycled cotton yarns to its international brands.

The new venture is set to expand the circular economy, utilising Säntis Textiles’ first-of-its-kind recycling technology. RCO100 works by converting pre-consumer industrial waste and post-consumer cotton garment waste into 100 percent recycled cotton yarns without the use of chemical processes or regenerated fibres.

The recycled cotton will be available to brands serviced by Floreal International, a subsidiary of Ciel Textile, to be used as part of a new knitwear range.

Säntis Textiles creative director, Annabelle Hutter, said in a statement: “With an increased appetite from brands around the world wanting to adopt a more circular approach, we are keen to support ongoing steps towards enhancing the longevity of the industry as well as the planet for the greater good of future generations.

“A core part of our growth strategy is partnering with like-minded suppliers and designers to increase the availability of recycled cotton in the textiles industry. We look forward to working with CIEL Textile and the wider CIEL Group to expand the availability of 100 percent recycled products and bring circular textile solutions to some of the world’s biggest fashion brands.”

Max Li Ying, design and product executive at Floreal, Ciel Textiles, added: “At Ciel Textile, we value circular practices, so we are very excited to work with an organisation as devoted to sustainability and environmental responsibility as Säntis Textiles.

“The reputation, innovation, and exceptional technological know-how Säntis Textiles bring to innovative technology in textiles cannot be overstated. We look forward to a partnership that will benefit the brands we work with and the future of our planet.”

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