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Remake received backing from Fashion Impact Fund

By Rachel Douglass


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Remake's Fashion Accountability Report 2022. Credits: Remake

Fashion Impact Fund, a provider of grants that aim to support educational programmes, has issued funding to Remake to support the advocacy organisation’s efforts in fighting for fair pay.

The 50,000 dollar grant will particularly be used to help in Remake’s mission of bringing the voices of garment workers to the forefront, according to Fashion Impact Fund.

The foundation confirmed the news in a LinkedIn post, where it shared a statement from Remake’s chief executive officer, Ayesha Barenblat.

Commenting on the funding, Barenblat said: “The women who make our clothes are the unsung heroes of the fashion industry and this grant allows us to bring fashion’s most essential workers’ stories to public consciousness, building solidarity for the Bangladesh minimum wage negotiations because garment workers are reporting nutrition deficiencies and an inability to buy food at the current wage rate.”

Other grantees that have received support from the Fashion Impact Fund include the likes of The African Academy of Fashion, Artisan Global, Sustainable Brooklyn and Fashion-Enter, each one of which have been established to provide educational programmes and initiatives for a variety of causes.

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