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Levi’s targeted by watchdog Remake over alleged human rights violations

By Rachel Douglass


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Credit: Levi's investor relations website

Denim brand Levi’s has increasingly become the subject of a campaign by global advocacy organisation Remake highlighting the retailer’s apparent lack of support for the Accord on Health and Safety.

The watchdog, which centres its efforts around fighting for fair pay and climate justice in the clothing industry, has taken to social media to promote the campaign, urging individuals to “flood” the email inboxes of Levi’s directors with demands to sign the Accord.

Already boasting over 175 signatories from other large-scale fashion brands, such as PVH, Adidas and Uniqlo, the agreement aims to extend workplace safety measures to protect garment workers, with a particular emphasis on countries like Bangladesh that are facing the brunt of the climate crisis.

In an Instagram post, the watchdog noted that despite Levi’s refusal to sign the Accord, the brand had reported 50 percent of its South Asian factories and 57 percent of its North Asian factories had experienced health and safety issues, as of 2020.

As part of its campaign, Remake activists have taken to protesting outside of the retailer’s stores and placing information on the alleged violations in the pockets of Levi’s in-store products.

A report by the group also revealed quotes from anonymous Levi’s employees, with one Bangladesh-based garment worker telling the organisation: “I work at a factory where we make pants for Levi’s.

“We have no conveniences or support. The food is not edible. The water is not drinkable… We are forced to work overtime, make less than what is legally owed to us and not paid our overtime wages. If the work is slow we are placed on unpaid forced leave.”

Remake has set up a pre-filled email template for those looking to support its cause, while also encouraging its followers to tag Levi’s on its posts in order to garner more attention.

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