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Fungi and mindful consumption lead the way in John Lewis’ 2023 beauty predictions

By Rachel Douglass

27 Jan 2023


John Lewis Beauty and Wellness Moments report, 2023 predications. Image: John Lewis

In keeping with the ongoing rise of interest in the wellness industry, John Lewis has published a report covering trends that can be expected from the sector in 2023.

Much of the 10 trends centre around self-care and see the industry take a turn towards more conscious behaviours, stepping away from all-consuming activities and spreading out wellness among everyday care.

This could be seen in not just a trend focused on daily meditation, but also how consumers are predicted to approach beauty products for both skin and hair, each to have a focus on considered habits.

Among the top ingredients and products that John Lewis believes consumers will be looking for were peptides and ceramides, used to lock in moisture, and mushroom-based beauty, which has been known to reduce inflammation and treat pigmentation.

Another trend, entitled ‘The Lipstick Economy 2.0’, zoned in on the desire for customers to actively seek ‘daily me-time’ over luxury products, with simplicity as the key to this factor. This was further mirrored in a similar trend centred on low-maintenance products, providing consumers with hybrid forms of makeup and skincare that have a dual purpose.

While coverage may not be a hot topic for this year, John Lewis did say it could see consumers turn to makeup for some effect, contrasting the increased celebration of natural skin texture.

Mood boosting ingredients that are linked to improving gut health are also deemed important, with the retailer stating customers are likely to put an emphasis on the food they eat in their approach of a gut-friendly diet.

John Lewis