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Esprit launches innovation hubs in London and New York

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Image: Esprit

Contemporary fashion brand Esprit is continuing to drive forward innovation in technology, creativity, and customer service with the launch of two new global ‘Futura’ innovation hubs in London and New York, adding to its existing location in Amsterdam.

The move is part of the group-wide digital strategy to reinvent customer engagement experiences by turning data into insights to help fuel the brand’s global expansion to match the fast-growing scale of digital change in today’s fashion retail landscape.

The new locations in New York and London hold strategic value to help the brand create a “truly global presence,” explains Esprit in a statement, as they are both global cities with strong cultural influences and 24-hour connectivity.

The new Esprit Futura hubs will “create transformative change in culture, mindset, and business process, discover new growth opportunities” for the brand while improving innovation performance through a technology-driven approach that focuses on customer experience and embraces circularity.

This new structure will also provide opportunities to enable Esprit staff to have more flexibility with increased international exposure, added the brand.

Esprit aims to turn the brand into omnichannel technology and data-driven fashion powerhouse

In London, the ‘Futura’ hub will act as the global customer experience innovation hub to provide unique customer experiences for an avant-garde omnichannel connection to the Esprit universe. While in New York, it will act as the brand’s global creative and design hub “to inspire forward thinking and bring contemporary concepts and talent to its new branding strategy”. The New York ‘Futura’ will take the lead in Esprit’s rebranding venture to solidify its ambition to be one of the world’s most iconic companies.

The Esprit Futura in Amsterdam will continue to be the brand’s global technology and denim innovation hub, combining e-commerce and technological advancement. It will lead in portfolio management innovation, creation of new ideas and pilots, enhancing and renewing the existing omnichannel business, and digital execution. There will be three dedicated teams: the Innovation Lab, focusing on bringing new businesses and inventing a new Esprit; a Digital Factory and Denim Innovation Centre to bring digital solutions and enhancements of denim to life; and the Support Team, which will facilitate operational excellence and managing infrastructure.

William Pak, chief executive officer at Esprit, said: “Esprit is in the process of transforming into a truly global company with the creative minds and processes in key cities enabling consumers to be connected to the brand on a multi-dimensional level. This enables Esprit to adapt to major challenges in fashion and the macro environment in order to propel into the future. Creating an exciting customer experience with smart design and a connection to the brand is an exciting path forward for Esprit.

“With Esprit Futura, we are committed to leveraging digital, innovation, and cross-sector collaboration to enhance customer experience and empower circularity in the fashion world. We look forward to proactive collaboration with experts, designers, and start-ups within the fashion ecosystems and beyond at our innovation hubs.”

Esprit added that Hong Kong will remain the global administrative headquarters for finance, sourcing, and operations.