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Emperia raises 10 million dollars to back virtual retail solutions

By Rachel Douglass



Bloomingdale's Ralph Lauren virtual concession. Image: Emperia

Virtual retail developer Emperia has secured 10 million dollars in a Series A funding round to back and grow the capabilities of its virtual retail platform and develop ‘metaverse e-commerce’ in new international markets.

The round, which was led by Base10 Partners, will be used to grow the company’s team and “supercharge” its virtual store SaaS platform, as well as accelerating its global market presence and consolidating its position within the future of experiential retail.

Emperia stated that it is also planning to utilise virtual store customer data to provide retailers with better tools in customisation, and will work with partners to bring virtual e-commerce solutions under one roof, by leveraging the Web3 ecosystem and other technologies.

Launched in 2019, Emperia has developed into a platform that aims to power virtual retail across a variety of sectors, however in fashion it has already worked with the likes of Bloomingdales, Dior, Sunglass Hut and Lacoste on immersive experiences.

Lacoste virtual reality store by Emperia. Image: Emperia

According to the company, such initiatives can enhance omnichannel retail strategies, driving engagement and increasing sales.

Speaking on its work, Olga Dogadkin, CEO and co-founder of the firm, said in a release: “While working in fashion, it became clear to me that e-commerce was the future, but 2D websites were merely a tool that enabled an online purchase, but were lacking the customer journey and story-telling that brands are after.

“The solution was to bridge that gap, with the aim of making virtual experiences into the future of brands’ long-term e-commerce strategy.

“I’m confident that the pool of participating investors in this round, from both the US and Europe, will make for a great network of advisors as Emperia continues its global expansion, pioneering e-commerce's next generation. I’m looking forward to delivering an even more impactful experience for our brand partners.”

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