CDMX - Fashion careers used to be seen as an artistic utopia, where only a few managed to gain success while many others lacked of job opportunities. However, fashion has become one of the most promising industries for those willing to take a chance on it. More and more jobs that satisfy an ever-ev

Looking for a job? Then beware of what you post on social media. 70 percent of recruiters do check applicants’ social media profiles, according to a survey with over 1,000 hiring managers and HR professionals across the US. Among the recruiters who do social media digging to find out more abo

Influencer marketing is in full bloom. As traditional media outlets shut their doors or struggle to make ends meet, a growing number of companies opt to advertise on popular social media profiles. A staggering 78 percent of American and European marketers worked with influencers last year, accordin

Alexa Rodulfo began her career as a makeup artist in Mexico until 2006 when she decided to move to New York City with the hopes of expanding her career internationally. After a lot of hard work, she built enough of a reputation to begin being hired to work with celebrities, such as Carolina Herrera

Once upon a time it was a young girl's dream to be stopped in the street like Kate Moss and be asked to model in a fashion show. Now fame comes via a message on Instagram. Last week Leya Ljaz, a 17-year-old Pakistani-American who lives in Switzerland, jumped on a train for Paris with her sma

The modern designer does not operate alone. When he is poached from one house by another, he installs a coterie of friends around him in his new workplace, but those bold headlines trumpeting his arrival rarely mention the importance of this traveling entourage. The recent case of Raf Simons’

The fashion industry is vast and apart from opportunities for designers, models and buyers, offers many more areas of expertise that may not be in the limelight as much but certainly require creativity and skill. After our list of weirdest jobs in fashion last year, don't miss this year's list of

What should I wear? This question arises often but with particular urgency when working in the fashion industry where one has to dress to impress. Be it for a job interview or a particularly busy day at the office: FashionUnited knows the no-go criteria and how to make a good impression. The usua

An outsider might assume that the creative visionaries heading up our favorite fashion houses make decisions with singular focus. At the start of the season, decrees on themes, color palettes, silhouettes are swiftly issued and it’s off to the races. That’s what separates them from us m

During the month of August FashionUnited focused on Work in Fashion. Discover our editor’s selection of must-read articles. 1. Ten Tips for Designers to Excel in the Fashion Industry Maybe you’re a few years into your career in the fashion industry and the relief at being one of the

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As we wait to see what Raf Simons, one of Europe’s brightest talents, will bring to his role as Creative Director of iconic American label Calvin Klein, and shrug with resignation at the news that LVMH, unable to deliver results, has sold that other American institution, Donna Karan, it begs

Maybe you’re a few years into your career in the fashion industry and the relief at being one of the few from your graduating year who got a job is beginning to fade. Maybe you’ve been entrenched in a job for too long but when you peek outside your cubicle, you no longer see the forest

Couple a graduate’s need for professional validation with the cutthroat, high-stakes, revolving-door culture of the US fashion industry which attracts designers from all over the globe in search of the big salaries, and the pressure to become a success and live the dream can be overwhelm