It doesn’t take much observation to notice that a radical change is raging through our current retail landscape. A change that is not only affecting retail, but the consumer industry as a whole. The hospitality business, the food and service industry, travel, financial services, energy, enter

New York – Last Monday’s warning from Asos Plc., unanimously seen by both the industry and the market as better placed than most fashion peers to weather shopper fatigue, has raised a number of concerns about weakening consumer strength globally. On December 17, Asos issued an unexpecte

Blockchain has undoubtedly become this year’s most popular technology. From financial services to supply chain, the blockchain has changed the way we do business. A recent study identity three ways this emerging technology is transforming retail worldwide. Quantzig, a global analytics and ad

It’s a message arriving from sources as varied as Stylus, whose recent Decoded Futures summit in New York questioned our obsession with that most cash-poor demographic, to the United Nations which released a report this year stating that the population of all countries is expected to rise ove

Montreal’s McGill University has officially opened the Bensadoun School of Retail Management, named after Aldo Bensadoun, founder of footwear company Aldo Group. The school aims to act as a hub for students, researchers and practitioners to address the challenges retailers face, according to

Want to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales? Then pay attention to the music you play in your store. According to a study by music tech company Soundtrack Your Brand in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics, customers tend to stay 42 percent longer in stores where backgroun

If you run a fashion webshop and it doesn’t feature videos yet, now is the time to start. Videos provide visitors with a richer shopping experience, which makes them a very effective tool to increase sales, according to video marketing experts Moriam Hassan Balogun, from Orangevine, and Jel

Social media democratizes fashion - no longer do you have to be in with the mainstream fashion media to get eyes on your products. It is the perfect eCommerce tool because it gives you a stage, and, if you know how to use it, you can reach your audience. Sometimes the moments in a day line up

Most people shopping for clothes will want to seek the approval of someone before making the purchase. Sales assistants are the easiest option for a second opinion, but they have a motive - which is to sell as many garments to as many customers as possible - and so for that objective, partisan and

When luxury brands are closing their shops in Hong Kong ahead of their leases expiring, the fashion world takes notice. US accessories giant Coach shuttered its flagship store in Central Mall in August and more recently Emperior Watch and Jewellery announced it would close its 1,700 sq ft shop in C

Primark is set for spectacular growth as it makes its American debut in September. The UK-based retailers could easily double sales and profits in just five years as it rolls out its first of its US stores in Boston. But it is not just expanding in the US that will spur the successful fast fashion

London has retained its position as the world’s most international shopping destination, with 57.9 percent of international retailers present in the UK capital. Research from global property advisor CBRE, states that last year 12 new international retailers opened in the city including US

London - Japan’s capital Tokyo has been named the world’s “hottest” city for retail expansion, according to the latest CBRE report, ‘How Global is the Business of Retail?’. The report, which tracks the target markets of new brands in 164 cities in 50 countries