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Pre-Fall 2021 womenswear trend: boxy pockets

By Robyn Turk

23 Feb 2021

Pockets are a coveted feature in all categories of womenswear, especially as functionality becomes a priority to most consumers. For the Pre-Fall 2021 season, pockets are growing in both size and popularity.

Several designers have leaned towards boxy pockets with utilitarian inspirations and angular dimensions. Burberry included pockets of this style in women’s shirts, trousers and blazers for its Pre-Fall collection, favoring square shapes with flap closures. In a similar fashion, JW Anderson opted for flap closures while bringing its pockets to an even larger scale in elongated rectangles with multiple pockets placed together on a single design. Max Mara’s approach was more understated; square pockets were seamlessly placed on skirts, trousers and jackets with sleek silhouettes that mimicked the appearance of the rest of the garments.

Boxy pockets are not a novel trend specific to the Pre-Fall 2021 season, however they have grown in scale. Designers have often played with pockets to add design dimension and functionality to a piece. These types of pockets are most commonly seen on jackets and outerwear, though consumers can currently find statement pockets on everything from jeans and jumpsuits to skirts and dresses.

JW Anderson, Pre-Fall 2021

Max Mara, Pre-Fall 2021

The boxy pockets to look out for in Pre-Fall 2021

These types of boxy pockets are simply on the rise for the upcoming Pre-Fall season. It is likely an increase in consumer desire for functionality that has led to bigger and bolder pockets, though designers such as JW Anderson seem to have fun with utilizing pockets as an added dimension to an otherwise ordinary style.

Images: Max Mara, JW Anderson (Pre-Fall 2021), Catwalk Images