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Football, jellyfish and silver sparkles: The SS24 street style trends from London

By Ole Spötter


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LFW streetstyles for SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Experimenting with contrasts seemed to play an important role in the street style of London Fashion Week for SS24. The wearers placed particular emphasis on the divergence between sporty and elegant, while silhouettes and colour gradients also contributed to the selection.


Blokette Trend, LFW streetstyle for SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight

The Blokette trend with its fascination for football culture was already indispensable in the street style of the men's fashion weeks. In London, there now came a somewhat more feminine offset 'Blokette', which refined the typically casual fan-style with a more classic-fashion approach.

The football jersey can be combined with a short skirt, while the sporty shorts can be part of a preppier look with a sweater and blouse. Other statement pieces reminiscent of team sports can also be woven into a more elegant wardrobe to create a notable contrast.

Wide tulle skirts

Wide tulle skirts, LFW streetstyles for SS24Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight

The wearers of wide tulle skirts, however, showed that street style was not just about sporty accents juxtaposed with a refined piece. The skirts, which were both colourful and in plain shades, especially attracted attention because of their distinct volume.

Instead of combining this with a plain top and cardigan, the top can be just as wild, like a sporty jacket with a print, or a bit more Scandinavian with a colourful knitted jumper over a blouse. Depending on the style, a pair of statement boots will complete the look. If you're seeking something a little more chic, you can also opt for high heels.

Double Denim

Double Denim, LFW streetstyle for SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight

In contrast, the following trend is a real classic. Double denim – i.e. the combination of two denim pieces – is a recurring trend that asserted itself this season through its individuality. Wearers combined different shades of denim and patterns, but also sometimes relied on matching tones. There was no clear line when it came to the width of the trousers or whether the piece was actually a skirt.

However, most visitors to London Fashion Week were confident that casual was the way forward with an open denim jacket. A loose shoulder bag and a trucker cap paired well with this, as did big statement sunglasses. When it comes to shoes, the boundaries were again limitless, spanning from sneakers to over-the-knee boots.

Jellyfish and coral skirts

Jellyfish and coral skirts, LFW streetstyles for SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Now it's off to the deep expanses of the ocean, yet firmly in the middle of London. Probably the most beautiful street style trend evoked the flora and fauna of the underwater world. More specifically, these colourful, flowing skirts were reminiscent of coral reefs and the tentacles of jellyfish. Especially the knee-length pieces with their flowing materials and coloured gradients that embodied this trend, each swaying along in movements that were as seamless as Medusa gliding through the sea. Shorter styles were also present, with puffed up fabric that once again reminded you of a dense coral reef, giving you the feeling of diving.

Tight tops that ideally tie into the colour palette as well as a velvety texture go well with these pompous skirts. Accessories made of mother-of-pearl - or glass wax as an alternative - and transparent materials fill out the outfit like a shell.

Silver lining on the horizon

Silver highlights, LFW streetstyles for SS24 Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

A clear ‘must-have’ for Londoners is a silver statement piece. We're not talking about a necklace or other jewellery, however, but a piece of clothing that shines against the rest of a rather plain look - or in the case of a dress, makes up the entire look. From boots and handbags to a bustier and modern artwork, the wearers showed their best silver pieces, combined with restrained tones such as white and black, as well as light colour accents.

Silver highlights, LFW streetstyle for SS24 Credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight
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