London - The social and environmental issues within the fashion industry are well established. The industry knows that it needs to clean up its act and take responsibility to work sustainably for the sake of the millions of workers it employs, as well as the future of the planet and its resources, (not […]

Let's delve into an overview of one of the dominant future trends, courtesy of, one of the world's leading trend forecasting agencies for fashion. As well as producing detailed reports drawing inspiration from catwalks to streetstyle, Trendstop lead the market with accurate forecasts of […]

Los Angeles - Trendy lifestyle brand Cotton On has recently teamed with e-commerce hub Amazon for online distribution. The Australian-based retailer will be using Amazon to expand its overall reach for its children’s line Cotton On Kids in the United States. The children’s clothing category of Cotton […]

New York - Many women have faced that dilemma where they have been out all day without a phone charger, and they get to the point where their phone has less than ten percent battery, but they are still on the go. There is always the option of the portable charger, but what if there was the option of […]

OVERVIEW "This most important event for those who care about sustainability," said co-host, model and actress Amber Valletta during the opening speech of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. "Although there is no need to convince anyone here - we are preaching to the converted," added Derek Blasberg, co-host, […]

A new Calvin Klein underwear ad has caused a stir in America because it features a photo taken from underneath a woman's skirt, focused on her crotch. The photo is of a model named Klara Kristin, 23, who wears a cream-colored skirt and looks down at the floor-level camera. The ad campaign is called […]

Various studies indicate that weddings in China are considered to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to splurge. Chinese couples today are moving towards more luxurious western-style weddings complete with a solitaire and a designer and luxurious white wedding gown for the bride and impeccable black […]

London - Once seen as a niche part of the fashion industry, being eco-conscious has rapidly become one of the hottest 'topics' of our time. From luxury fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers, and everything in between - more and more fashion companies are responding to mounting consumer interest and […]

A new concept, store is set to open its doors today on the popular shopping street de Kalverstraat, in Amsterdam known as the Mad Rush. A cute window display featuring cacti alongside of trendy and fashionable items from high street retailers underneath a discount sign ensures that the Mad Rush is certainly […]

INTERVIEWLondon - Modern slavery is a subject most fashion businesses tend to shy away from. Although many deny its presences within the fashion industry, the fact remains that modern slavery is very much present in all areas of the industry. But what does modern slavery in fashion really look like? […]

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