If Mad Max's female companions ever go shopping in their dystopian desert future-world, Louis Vuitton just might have an outfit to suit. The French fashion label on Wednesday unveiled a Spring/Summer collection at the Paris shows worthy of Road Warrior groupies: half bionic warrior, half punk ballerina. […]

Crowded airports, long security lines and flight delays. Flying today is not the most pleasant experience, and Karl Lagerfeld thinks those travelling on Chanel Airlines deserve a touch more glamour. The indefatigable 82-year-old fashion legend on Tuesday turned Paris's glass-roofed Grand Palais exhibition […]

Whether you love or loathe Hedi Slimane's transformation of the Yves Saint Laurent brand, you cannot deny its impact on contemporary fashion. The house has been revived more than just economically with Slimane's interpretations of contemporary youth culture and is currently thriving. Other fashion brands […]

On the Paris catwalk Monday, a reappearance of bandanas -- those paisley kerchiefs that were hot back in the 1970s, remember? -- proved the lesson that old can become trendy again if you just wait long enough. Japanese brand Sacai dusted off the accessory and updated it for its Spring/Summer collection, […]

IN DEPTHBuying clothes online has become such common practice today that it is hard to imagine that this was not always the case. The internet, which started to gain popularity in the late nineties, hit rock-bottom in 2000 when the dotcom-bubble burst. The endless optimism for the future of the new […]

Ten minutes. Ten minutes is the average duration of a catwalk presentation. That is the length of time in which a designer can show a collection that is meant to capture the brand's image so convincingly that its clothes will want to be worn by consumers all over the world and featured in leading editorial […]

"Save Venice" was the theme of Vivienne Westwood's latest Paris fashion show as the famed designer and eco-activist called for action on climate change. The grand dame of British fashion brought a taste of Venetian carnival to the catwalk on the fifth day of Paris fashion shows on Saturday. Masked harlequins […]

Designer Raf Simons paid homage to Christian Dior's legendary love of flowers creating a mountain of 400,000 delphiniums in the heart of Paris, the centrepiece of a stunning setting to show the house's collection on Friday. The giant lavender hill created in the courtyard of the Louvre drew A-list celebrities […]

There are few fashion houses in the world which have reached the same status as Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, the main brand from luxury, French conglomerate LVMH. As both brands grew to stand for luxury, passion, excellence and design over the years, many would assume that these two heritage brands […]

Inditex, the world's largest fashion company should be keeping a close eye on its back as sporting company Nike is catching up and passing them by - at least in terms of market value. For the first time ever Nike have overtaken Inditex on FashionUnited's unique business intelligence Top 100 Index, laying […]

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