The future of the Bangladesh Accord remains unclear following the decision by the Bangladesh Supreme Court to postpone the hearing on the future of the organization until April 7. Until then, the country's government and the Bangladesh Accord will continue their attempts to reach an agreement. Founded […]

Italy is long renowned for the quality of its craftsmanship, especially when it comes to clothing and leather goods. As a result, one third of European fashion giants either is Italian or operates in Italy. But how are those companies doing? To find that out, local investment bank Mediobanca analyzed […]

When the world’s fifth largest producer of cotton and the third largest exporter of raw cotton revives its organic cotton production, then this is reason to cheer as organic cotton uses about 70 percent less water than conventional cotton - not to mention less energy and fewer pesticides and insecticides. […]

LVMH is doing their best to keep the news of Rihanna's latest label under wraps, but when you're one of the most watched fashion icons in the music business, those efforts are futile. Fashion Network has reported that the luxury conglomerate has quietly created an under-the-radar company called Project […]

Alibaba has bought an eight percent stake in Chinese online video sharing and entertainment service Bilibili for an undisclosed amount, state news agency Xinhua reported. Alibaba's e-commerce arm Taobao will reportedly own 24 million shares in Nasdaq-listed Bilibili, which claims tens of millions of […]

There was a time, as recently as five years ago, when putting the locations of garment factories in supplier countries on a map seemed like a Utopian fantasy. There was fear on the buyers’ side to be associated with a certain kind of (read: sub-standard) factories and on the suppliers’ side to disclose […]

For its fourth quarter, Puma reported sales growth of 20.1 percent currency adjusted and 17.9 percent reported to 1,226.4 million euros (1,384 million dollars). In the financial year 2018, Puma’s sales increased by 17.6 percent currency adjusted or 12.4 percent reported to 4,648.3 million euros (5,246.7 […]

Nike, Inc. has announced a quarterly cash dividend of 22 cents per share on the company’s outstanding Class A and Class B Common Stock payable on April 1, 2019 to shareholders of record at the close of business March 4, 2019. For its second quarter, the company said, revenues increased by 10 percent […]

Kinnevik’s NAV decreased by 10 percent to 70.5 billion Swedish krona (7.6 billion dollars), or 256 Swedish krona per share, in the fourth quarter, which the company said was driven mainly by the negative share price development in Zalando. The company today also announced investment of 0.9 billion Swedish […]

One week after a groundbreaking research revealed the abuses endured by home-based garment workers in India, of whom 95 percent are female, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published a report calling on the apparel sector to do more to combat sexual harassment against women and girls across the supply chain. […]

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